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WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception (2004)


There were two wars in Iraq–a military assault and a media war. The former was well-covered; the latter was not. Until now… Independent filmmaker, Emmy-award winningTV journalist, author and media critic, Danny Schechter turns the cameras on the role of the media. His new film, WMD, is an outspoken assessment of how Pentagon propaganda and media complicity misled the American people, while selling the war to influence international public opinion. Schechter compares and contrasts coverage on a global basis, including exclusive material and insider interviews. WMD is a serious film that exposes the media role–the biggest scandal of our time.

Title: WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception (2004)

Duration: 1:38:07

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Category: Corporate Media, Documentaries

Added on: November 5th, 2011

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