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The Decline And Fall Of America (2008)


This shocking full length movie will change the way you look at our leadership within America’s government and military today. Using primarily news casts and historical footage, B.A. Brooks engages the audience with a sometimes harsh reality that most people are not usually subjected to. This film covers many topics of interest during it’s 2-hour time span, which shows a bleak picture of what has been really going on within America and the world today. Even though the film constantly jumps topics throughout it’s run, the editing has been done in a way that keeps the viewers attention at a heightened level. In the realm of patriot or truth films, ‘The Decline And Fall Of America’ ranks high on the list mostly because of it’s reality level because it is hard to argue with the facts presented by today’s top news affiliates like CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX NEWS and others. Even if you are someone who considers themselves up on today’s current events, this is a great movie to re-educate yourself, and if you are someone who is out of touch with the news of the day then you should definitely watch this film and then share it with others. Another major bonus is that B.A. Brooks makes all of his movies for free download all over the Internet.

Title: The Decline And Fall Of America (2008)

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