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Into The Fire: The Whole World Is Watching (2011)


Dan Dicks’ newest film Into The Fire documents the protests and subsequent martial law that occurred during the July, 2010 G-20 summit hosted in downtown Toronto, Canada.  This event brought together leaders from the world’s largest economies to discuss and plan economic globalism. It also brought thousands of activists and protesters from around the world. Over 19,000 police officers, military personal and private security guards were deployed to intimidate and suppress demonstrators, often violently.  The results included over 1100 arrests, martial law and one of the largest violation of civil liberties in recent history. Into The Fire allows you to witness the ensuing chaos and to see the depths the global elite will go to quiet their opposition.

Title: Into The Fire: The Whole World Is Watching (2011)

Duration: 2:03:47

Submited by: Optimus

Category: Big Brother & Police State, Documentaries

Added on: November 20th, 2011

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