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Enemy Of The State: Camp FEMA Part 2 (2010)


Panics, orchestrated crises, media hype and propaganda have been used in the name of protecting the people for generations. Governments have resorted to this to further gain control over free populations. This happened most recently during the H1N1 Flu pandemic of 2009 and the Hurricane Katrina tragedy before that.

The H1N1 Flu scare saw government and media exploitation of the facts to scare people into lining up for the swine flu vaccine — a vaccine that was not widely tested and saw Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sebelius shield both the government and vaccine makers from lawsuits for problems arising with it. The Hurricane Katrina disaster proved that Americans are not truly free, as many New Orleans residents found they could not depend on their constitutional rights. Local police and the National Guard disarmed and drove residents from their homes, even though most were prepared to stay. Training given to peace officers for use during emergency scenarios indicates there could be a total loss of liberties for the United States population.

What happened to their oath to protect and defend our constitutional rights? CNN, the Southern Poverty Law Center and other media outlets air special reports and name call anyone who questions the government as conspiracy theorists in an effort to suppress information. Yet, with the de-classification of decades-old documents, it can be found that many of these conspiracy theories are not so theoretical after all. Enemy Of the State: Camp FEMA Part 2 takes a look at the government and media manipulation of an unwitting public, and plans that have been laid out through legislation, executive orders and presidential directives that pave the way for the elimination of many, if not all, of our most basic rights.

Title: Enemy Of The State: Camp FEMA Part 2 (2010)

Duration: 1:34:00

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Category: Big Brother & Police State, Documentaries, Health & Wellness, U.S. Constitution & The Republic, Vaccine Information

Added on: November 29th, 2011

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